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Flood Prevention

Water build up can be potentially life threatening. To ensure this doesn't happen, effective drainage must be in place. For example, if a drainage system does not have an appropriate screen, then debris could get into the system, blocking water flow and causing a flood.

Flood Prevention - Attenuation

Attenuation is the process of storing storm water to be released over a period of time, rather than overloading the drainage systems with water, leading to overflow and possible flooding. Our team has years of experience in dealing with flood prevention.

Foul and Surface Water Installations

Foul drainage and surface drainage should always be kept apart. What classes as foul drainage would be things like the bathroom, kitchen or utility room drainage systems. Anything that could contaminate the drinking water supply should be separately drained.

Ducting and Service Provisions

Making sure drainage systems are safely assembled underground is vital. If there is a leak, with so many other underground cables (electricity, gas, etc), it could be very troublesome. Our experienced team can handle your ducting and service provision needs.

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